sample of Junicode font

Junicode (short for Junius-Unicode) is a Unicode font for medievalists. The current version is a beta; the selection of characters and the arrangement of the Private Use Area are subject to change. Your comments, suggestions and bug reports will be a great help to me as I complete the project.

Junicode is and always will be free (available under the Open Font License). This means that you can use it without charge in any publication, print or electronic, and you may adapt the font for your own use and even distribute your adaptation, as long as you obey the terms of the license.

Junicode currently (as of version 0.7.7) contains 3280 characters in the regular style (the italic, bold and bold italic styles are less complete). These Unicode ranges are either complete in the regular style or they contain substantial numbers of glyphs (especially those of interest to medievalists):

A number of other ranges contain at least a few glyphs. Instructions (“hints”) for improved screen display have been added using the terrific ttfautohint program by Werner Lemberg.

To download, go to the Junicode Download Page and click the “latest version” link. If you want the WOFF version (for embedding in web pages), navigate into the “junicode” folder, and then the folder for the current version (at the top of the list). You will also find the source code there in a tar.gz archive (you must have a recent version of FontForge to make use of it).

To submit bug reports or feature requests, please visit the project page. Feel free also to browse the CVS tree. Join the low-frequency mailing list if you want to be informed of updates.

Linux Notes

Junicode is developed with FontForge on a Linux system, is thoroughly tested under X.Org and should work well on all Linux systems, as well as free systems such as FreeBSD. Most Linux distributions offer packages with reasonably up-to-date versions of Junicode. Exceptions are Fedora, which does not offer Junicode, and Ubuntu, which offers a very old version. If you use either of these systems, I suggest that you download Junicode from this site and install it yourself. Instructions for doing so can be found here.